Mags is the main character in the short story “The Meaning of Clouds” by Natalie Cox. Other characters say that she looks “a bit young” (l. 34; l. 142) to be Bella’s mother. At the end, she reflects that she has “aged significantly in the last hour” (l. 145), which suggests that the stress of almost losing Bella has affected her. Mags used to live in a small flat in East London and she used to work in the City (ll. 43-45). She was recently fired.

Mags appears to be at a turning point in her life, where she is uncertain about her purpose and plans for the future. When she is fired, she feels that her life “has ground to a halt” (l. 14). This suggests that she feels aimless without the routine of a job to cling to. 

However, it is also suggested ...

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