The speaker of “The Hill We Climb” recalls the hardships endured by the African-American people, wondering where light can be found in the darkness. She believes that her people overcame many obstacles and created a nation which is not broken, but unfinished. She refers to her ancestors who were slaves, and reminds people that she has come a long way and can now have ambitious dreams. She pleads with the American people to put aside their differences and stand united. The speaker argues that Americans have a responsibility to fix what the recent past has tried to break, and bring about the democracy which was for a while postponed. She is convinced that people are ready for such a moment and will make the most of it. Americans will not be intimidated into inaction, and they will move forward with purpose. The speaker repeats her conviction that , they will achieve victory through harmony and unity. The poem ends with an optimistic outlook of the future, as the American people leave a better country to their successors. The speaker also answers her initial question, that light can always be found if one has the courage to look for it and become it. 



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