The Hill We Climb

Denne study guide hjælper dig med at analysere digtet “The Hill We Climb” af Amanda Gorman. Du finder også et summary af digtet og idéer til fortolkning og perspektivering.

Amanda Gorman (f. 1998) er en amerikansk digter og aktivist. Hun blev den første National Youth Poet Laureat i april 2017. Hun fremsagde digtet “The Hill We Climb” ved præsident Joe Bidens indsættelse, som fandt sted 20. januar 2021. Hun er den yngste poet nogensinde til at fremsige et digt ved en præsidentindsættelse. 


Her kan du læse et uddrag fra vores study guide: 

Metaphors and symbols

The poem relies heavily on metaphors and symbols, which are used to create a powerful imagery that supports the content.

An important symbol in the story is the light. The poem opens with the search for “light in this never-ending shade” (l. 1), and it ends with the people of America emerging “out of the shade, aflame and unafraid” (l. 58), into the “new dawn” (l. 58). This suggests that light symbolizes democracy, and perhaps also accomplishment and well-being, the ideals towards which people aim for in life. Light is seen as a force of good, contrasted with the “never-ending shade” (l. 1) which symbolizes fear, conflict, and ignorance. 

The hill, also present in the title of the poem, symbolizes the obstacles which the American nation has to overcome on its way to achieving democracy. The poem promotes tolerance and acceptance, as well as unity, recognizing that this can be difficult to achieve and that some may consider it a struggle. This is why the attempts to do so are compared to a “hill we climb, if only we dare” (l. 27), as well as a “sea we must wade” (l. 2). Both actions imply a focused effort and determination. It also speaks for a continuous, long-term effort, rather than a sudden outburst of energy, which then fizzles out.

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The Hill We Climb

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