Narrator and point of view

The text “Pink” by Judith Thompson is a first-person-narration. After an introductory third-person line, the rest of the text is conveyed as a first-person monologue: “LUCY, a ten-year old white girl talking to her dead black nurse, Nellie, shot in a march, in her open coffin.” (p. 175, ll. 1-2); “I told you not to go to those marches, I told you that what you guys don’t understand…” (p. 175, ll. 7-9)

Because the narrator talks about her own experiences and feelings and thoughts, she is credible, although Lucy is only a ten-year-old child. Being only a child, the narrator also makes us understand her point of view more easily.

Because the monologue represents only Lucy’s reflections and recollections, the narrative is also characterised by subjectivity...

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