In what follows, we will give a few points that will help you put “Pink” by Judith Thompson in perspective. We will discuss the relevance of the text today, and we will outline some similar works.

Current issues

“Pink” by Judith Thompson is a literary monologue published in 1986 and which explored the issues of the South African apartheid regime, a discriminatory system that imposed segregation between blacks and whites.


Works in the same genre

“Pink” is structured as a dramatic monologue. This means the text can be acted on stage. To better understand the literary monologue genre we encourage you also read “Your Shoes” by Michèle Roberts or “The Bench” by Richard Rive.

“Your Shoes” (Texting – 1st Year Fiction, p. 28) is structured as a letter —a written monologue— from a mother to her teenage daughter who has run away from home.


Works with the same theme

For the theme of racism in South Africa, you might also find it useful to consider short stories like “Once upon a Time” or “The Moment Before the Gun Went Off” by Nadine Gordimer.

In “Once upon a Time”, the author explores the irrational fears of white South Africans during the apartheid regime.


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