All the three articles about promposals were published online, and all of them focus on the topic of promposals and their possible effects on teenagers in American high schools.  Along with the descriptions and examples of specific promposals, all three articles express different standpoints concerning the topic.  Even though the articles discuss the same topic, they take different arg…


Presentation of the topic

“Promposals” is a rather new trend among American high school students, and essentially the act of “promposing” entails asking someone to prom in a very extravagant and innovative way. This is preferably done in public and in front of …


Text 1: With “Promposals”, excess is a competition

Author: Bella English
Genre: Article
Year of Publication: 2014 (the article was published online on The Boston Globe website)

Bella English begins her article about promposals with an account of an actual promposal at Milton Acadamy. This particular event paints a picture of the excessive ways in which  teenagers ask their possible dates to the prom:

“It was also Boat Dance time, the junior class version of prom. Vivar, a junior from New York, decided to ki…


Text 2: “Promposal” pressure is intense for teens

Author: Emanuella Grinberg
Genre: Article
Year of Publication: 2014 (the article was published on the CNN website)

Emanuella Grinberg’s article on promposals accentuates the negative consequences associated with the extravaganza:

“… the annual rite of passage [prom] also carries a lot of pressure – to look perfect, arrive in style and have the ideal date on your arm. Promposals can add to the p…


Text 3: In Defense of the Promposal

Author: Taylor Trudon
Genre: Article
Year of publication: 2014 (the article was published in a section of the Huffington Post called HuffPost Teen) 

As indicated by its title and in contrast to the previous two articles, this article by Taylor Trudon defends the promposals and argues for a positive effect on high school students.

She introduces her article with her  personal prom experience:

“Full disclosure: I hated prom. Growing up, there is this expectation that prom will be the most *~mAgIcAl~* night of your life. For me, this was not…

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