Promposals | STX Engelsk B | 26. maj 2015

Denne study guide hjælper dig med at skrive A-opgaven i eksamenssættet til skriftlig Engelsk B på STX fra 26. maj 2015. Opgaveformuleringen lød:

Write a paper (700-1000 words) in which you answer the following questions.
Answer the questions separately.

1. Give an outline of the different views on promposals presented in the texts.
2. Characterise the tone and style of text 3. Give examples from the text.
3. Taking your starting point in one of the texts, argue for your own view of the new promposals trend.


  • “With 'promposals', excess is a competition” af Bella English
  • “'Promposal' pressure is intense for teens” af Emanuella Grinberg
  • “In Defense of the Promposal” af Taylor Trudon 


Nedenfor kan du læse et uddrag af denne study guide, der også introducerer dig til emnet:


“Promposals” is a rather new trend among American high school students, and essentially the act of “promposing” entails asking someone to prom in a very extravagant and innovative way. This is preferably done in public and in front of as many people as possible. Promposals are often shared online on social media, such as Facebook and YouTube.

As these promposals become numerous and more and more excessive, a general debate has risen. Some people worry that  promposals have become so important to  teenagers that not getting one or getting a refusal can have a negative effect on them. These teenagers are already under a lot of pressure when it comes to social media, self-representation and the entire experience of the prom. Others find promposals sweet and funny and argue that they represent a healthy step for the generation of the so-called hookup culture era.

In these study notes, we will focus on three articles that discuss the topic of promposals. In these articles, different attitudes towards promposals are presented. In the following sections we will introduce the three texts and outline the main points of view in each of them, consider some important stylistic features and finally emphasize important points for further discussion on the topic in general.


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Promposals | STX Engelsk B | 26. maj 2015

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