Characterisation of tone and style

All three articles present a distinctive tone and style in line with the type of text they represent:

In Bella English’s article "With “Promposals”, excess is a competition" the tone is more objective, as the main purpose here is to account for the trend and how it has developed.

In "Promposal” pressure is intense for teens", Emanuella Grinberg presents the negative effects of promposals, and the language tends to be more subjective.

Nevertheless, the tone and style in Taylor Trudon’s article "In Defense of the Promposal "present an interesting style; i.e. some obvious linguistic tools are used to reach her target audience.

In the following section, we have chosen to highlight some important features of style and tone in the third article: In Defense of the Promposal. This article shows distinctive features in this area, and these points will inspire you and be helpful in a discussion about the topic in general. 

Tone and style in In Defense of the Promposal by Taylor Trudon

Several times, Taylor Trudon uses alternative lang...

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