Analytical essay om "The False Moon"


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Her kan du se vores eksempel på en besvarelse af opgaveformuleringen. Du kan bruge eksempelbesvarelsen som inspiration til dit eget analytical essay.

Hav hele tiden trin-for-trin-vejledningen til analytical essay i mente, når du skriver, og benyt de andre sider i study guiden her til at få godt styr på teksten.

Any child needs love, parental guidance, and someone it can count on while growing up. But when a child’s needs aren’t met, it might go looking for steering points in the strangest places. In the short story, “The False Moon”, by Shirley Golden from 2011, the main character lacks stability at home and is forced into steering through life on his own.

The first person narrator of “The False Moon” is also the main character, who tells the story of his life as a teenage boy living alone with a mother who works shifts and is almost never there, neither psychically nor emotionally. Matt, as the main character is called, describes himself as a lanky, skinny guy whom no one fears (l. 14) and who is not the type to start a fight (l. 26). He has trouble in school where the subjects seem too difficult and his classmates’ problems too trivial. He feels like an o...

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