The language in the short story “The False Moon” by Shirley Golden is fairly simple and straightforward, and the author has chosen very few stylistic devices in order to embellish it. The story is written in Standard British English, and it mixes narrative passages with descriptive passages and dialogue.



Visual imagery (related to the sense of sight) is employed in descriptive passages and has the role of making the reader better visualise the characters or the setting. For 


Colloquial language

When the characters in the story speak, they always use colloquial language or slang. Matt uses words such as “bullshit” (l. 12), “crap” (l. 23) or “shit” (l. 28), Dan uses 



Several metaphors help readers better understand the characters and their surroundings. The “pool of crimson” (ll. 16-17) is a metaphor for the paint on the floor of the railway




Graffiti is generally seen as a symbol of rebellion and disobedience, created by people who have no respect for rules. In the story, graffiti symbolises something more: Matt’s 


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