The main character Joseph

Here, we provide you with some suggestions to consider when you analyse the film with a focus on the main character, Joseph.

Joseph is represented as a quiet, timid character in the first shot we see of him. The medium shot presents the boy as standing in front of the whole class, with the teacher and the new colleagues looking at him. The boy is looking down at first, as a symptom of his shyness but soon enough, he starts to look nervously at his surroundings, teacher and classmates.

The movie mi…


Explanation of the terms flashback, atmosphere, sound and setting

In the following section, we will explain the concepts of flashback, atmosphere, sound, setting and give you some examples from the short movie.

By flashback, we understand a scene in a film, novel, etc. set in a time earlier than the main story. For instance, when Joseph recalls scenes from his home country with his father, the director uses the flashback to tell us something about the character relevant for his attitude in the present, in his …

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