In this section, we will focus on the themes and overall morale of the short film "New Boy" by Steph Green . In our case, the main theme is fitting in with your peers or adaptation and belonging. Intertwined, we discover issues of identity and racism, as well as prejudice and stereotypes.

Adaptation and belonging

Even from the short film’s title we can predict that the movie is about fitting in a new environment. As we have seen, Joseph comes to a new school, in a new country and he needs to adapt to his new environment. We see that he feels discomfort and is rather shy in his new classroom.

Identity and racism

When it comes to adapting to a new environment, it is not only the new person that has to make efforts to fit in. Also, the people in the new place have to contribute to the integration or their new peer. In “New Boy”, we can see that the classroom is not welcoming Joseph with open arms. Kids bully or ignore him. It is also clear that Joseph is a minority in his new class. Only one ...

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