The main themes of the short film “Marriage of Inconvenience” by Jin Rho are prejudice and family conflict, explored through the motif of homosexuality. The author’s message is that homosexuality can divide families and lead to ruptures when met with prejudice and when parents are not able to accept the gay orientation of their children.


Prejudice means having pre-formed ideas about people and situations. In this short film, prejudice is explored through the motif of homosexuality. The movie is about the conflict which arises in a family because the son is gay.

Prejudice is explored through the characters of the mother, the father, some passersby and the protesters. The people who are passing by Paul, Silas, and Irene address offending, pejorative words to the couple, displaying their prejudices against gays.


Family conflict

Family conflict is closely linked to the theme of prejudice and also explored using the motif of homosexuality. In general, when we think of family conflicts, we think of differences of opinion, generational gaps, and poor communication which lead to tense moments within families.


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