Question 3 in your exam set requires you to discuss how to overcome differences within a family, taking your starting point in the short film “Marriage of Inconvenience” by Jin Rho.

In your discussion, you should also use phrases like initially, whereas, consequently, on the contrary, yet, however, finally. These types of phrases are known as transitional devices or words, because they are employed to connect ideas in essays, discussions, articles and speeches.


How to overcome the differences within a family

The issue of overcoming differences within a family is a broad topic because of the diversity of differences/conflicts which can affect a family. Some differences might be mild, while other differences, however, can be more serious such as two spouses having different religions or parents having different opinions on how to raise a child. 

“Marriage of Inconvenience” explores one such big difference, that of the conflict of views on homosexuality. Paul, the gay son, sees himself as normal and believes marrying his boyfriend is the normal thing to do. His father, who is a pastor, cannot see homosexuality as normal or accept gay marriage. For him, such an act is a sin in the eyes of God. Irene, the mother, is caught in the middle of this conflict.


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