Uncle George

Uncle George is a secondary character in Hemingway’s short story “Indian Camp” - and a fairly mysterious one.

Nothing is revealed about his background or family situation, and we never get any clear answer why he is accompanying his brother and young nephew to the camp. Towards the end of the short story, he suddenly disappears.

The first impression we get of him is positive because he is handing out cigars to the two Native American men who helped them cross the lake (p. 13, l. 3). He also assists in holding down the woman along with the two men when his brother has to operate on her. However, there is a small turning point when the young woman bites him on the arm: “Uncle George said, Damn squaw bitch!” and the young Indian who had rowed Uncle George over laughed at him.” (p. 14, ll. 34-35). Calling her that is rath...

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