Contexts: Post-reading exercises

In this section we will give you some advice for working with the post-reading exercises for "Indian Camp" which are included on the Contexts website.

1. Comparing painting and story

You are asked to compare the atmosphere in "Indian Camp" with the atmosphere in the painting "Twilight in the Wilderness" (1860) by Frederic Edwin Church which appears on p. 236 of Contexts.

The painting depicts a setting which seems quite similar to that of the story - a wilderness scene with a wide river dominating the view, probably similar to the river that Nick and company travel along when going to and from the camp. 

In terms of atmosphere, there are many similarities between story and painting. The dark skies in the painting makes the atmosphere ominous and threatening, in parallel with the escalating tension in the short story as Nick's father performs the gruesome operation and the woman's husband kills himself. The picture also makes nature come across as a wild and mysterious place, where the normal rules of civilization do not nec...

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