Nick's father

Nick’s father in “Indian Camp” remains nameless throughout the short story. The main facts we know about him is that he is Nick’s father and that he is a doctor. At the camp, he slips easily into an authoritative role: “Nick’s father ordered some water to be put on the stove” (p. 13, l. 25). He expects the Native American residents to do as he says and does not waste any time explaining to them what is going to happen.

He comes across as a man who is confident in his authority and skills as a doctor, and he is particularly eager to include his son in what he is doing. Before and while he is operating, he explains to Nick about labor and hygiene. His motive for doing so could be that he might be dreaming about his son becoming a doctor like him one day. The text seems to support that theory when the father asks Nick: “How do you like ...

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