Todd Anderson

Outer characterization

Todd is one of the main characters in the film Dead Poets Society (1989) directed by Peter Weir. His parents transferred him to Welton Academy from another school, Balincrest. The reason for his transfer seems to be that his older brother’s graduation from Welton is a success story that their parents want to repeat with their youngest son as well. 

Todd’s older brother, Jeffrey Anderson, was well known at Welton as a “valedictorian, national merit scholar” (oo:07:21-00:07:23), which puts Todd in his shadow.

Inner characterization

Todd is shy and introverted and does not like drawing attention to himself in public

Todd comes across as a shy, introverted person, who likes to keep to himself. Because of this, he can antisocial to others. For instance, in the scene where Neil and his friends talk in his room, he faces the wall as he unpacks his clothes. His body language signals that he is blocking everyone out. When the other boys introduce themselves to him, he only partially turns to acknowledge them and shake their hand, after which he returns to his task. Richard Cameron refers to Todd as “a stiff” (00:06:09), mocking his restrained attitude. When the headmaster asks what the four pillars of the school are, and the other boys immediately stand up to answer, Todd remains seated, and only stan...

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