Neil Perry

Outer characterization

Neil Perry is a main character of the film Dead Poets Society (1989) directed by Peter Weir. Neil is a 17-year-old student attending Welton Academy. He appears to be a model student. He has very good grades overall: “all A’s in every class” (01:22:46), and he is involved in several extracurricular activities at school. He also attended summer school to get ahead in Chemistry, at his father’s request (00:06:26-00:06:30). Neil’s lifelong dream is to be an actor, and he wanted to attend stock auditions, but his father did not allow him to (00:46:08 -00:46:13).

Neil is an only child and does not come from a wealthy family. His father wants him to go to Harvard and become a doctor and is willing to make all the financial sacrifices needed for this to happen, regardless of Neil’s wishes. 

Inner characterization

Neil is highly sociable and has leadership skills

Neil is an outgoing and socially confident person. At the beginning of the movie we see his group of friends gather in his room. Neil is the one Cameron asks about joining the study group. Neil also seems to be the one who decides group activities. He is the one who decides to revive the Dead Poets Society, and he manages to persuade even the most reluctant of the boys to join in. When Todd tells him that he would rather not be reading and only attend as a listener, Neil tal...

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