Celebrity Endorsement

This study guide will help you write an argumentative essay on the topic of celebrity endorsement, which was part of the written exam in English EUX, B on the 11th of August 2023.

Write an argumentative essay in which you account for celebrity endorsement in brand building and for reasons why Adidas dropped Kanye West as an endorser.

Discuss consequences of using celebrity endorsement as a marketing strategy both for companies and celebrities.

We will guide you through the source material that your essay must be based on, and we will offer suggestions for arguments and viewpoints that you may want to explore. 

Please also check our guide on how to write an argumentative essay.

Vejledning til argumentative essay

Få hjælp til at skrive et argumentative essay i Engelsk med Studienets trin-for-trin vejledning. Denne vejledning er specifikt designet til at hjælpe dig med den genre, som hedder argumentative essay (eller bare essay). Du vil altid møde denne genre på HTX B, HTX A og EUX B, og den kan også dukke op på HHX A.


Excerpt from the study guide:

Information in this source

Adidas was late in ending partnership with Kanye West after his questionable behavior

According to the video, Adidas was late in ending the partnership with Kanye West. It all began when Kanye West wore a “White lives matter” T-shirt, which prompted Adidas to issue a statement that they are reviewing their partnership. At the beginning of October 2022, he made the first antisemitic comments. According to the video, Adidas should have made a statement regarding West’s problematic behavior immediately after it happened.

More than a week passed since West made the first antisemitic remarks, without any comment from Adidas. Afterward, the hashtag Boycott Adidas trended on twitter, and The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) pressured Adidas to take a stance regarding this issue. Finally, at the end of October, Adidas finally issued an official statement that they were ending the partnership with West, stating that Ye’s recent comments have been unacceptable and went against the company’s policy of inclusion and mutual respect (00:01:15-00:01:28).

Viewpoints in this source

Adidas seemed to hesitate before terminating their partnership with Ye

Christine Romans, Chief Business Correspondent believes that the main reason why Adidas took so long to distance themselves from Kanye West is because Kanye West is a high-profile billionaire who had a long partnership with Adidas.

This suggests that Adidas took some time to weigh the financial pros and cons from severing business ties with its long-time successful partner. Finally, fearing repercussions from people threatening to boycott Adidas, they decided to shoulder instead the financial losses caused by ending the partnership ...

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Celebrity Endorsement

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