The story “Bone Deep” by Martin Malone has a linear plot structure. The story begins in medias res with the discovery of “a woman’s skeleton in a well at the Market Square” (l. 1), an unusual event that catches the readers’ attention. As Ian’s family discusses it over dinner, the discovery becomes an occasion for them to explore their own traumatic past.

The plot is chronological, but there is one flashback to the car accident a year ago when Marcus was killed, and Terry was disabled (l. 32). The flashback highlights the family’s connection with the past, suggesting that they have never been able to get over it. 

The conflict between the family members is foreshadowed by Ian and Ann not eating the sandwiches their father made: “Dad made ham and mustard sandwiches. None of us eat them; we don’t like the thick fat he leaves hanging like curtain frills over the crusts.” (ll. 1...

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