Style of language

The language of the short story “Bone Deep” by Martin Malone is casual and conversational. The vocabulary consists of common words and phrases. This is because it reflects the thought process and speech pattern of the main character, Ian, who is a teenager.

The narrative is mixed with dialogue. The exchanges are short and informal: 

‘I’d say she was murdered.’ 
‘Murdered. What makes you think that?’ Dad asks. (ll. 80-81)

This type of language gives the dialogue a realistic feel. The dialogue also uses words that suggest how the characters speak: “ ‘God, aye, they did,’ Dad says” (l. 74). This gives each character their unique voice and makes the story sound more authentic. The story also contains generally short or fragmented sentences: “He sips at his beer. Sniffles.” (l.62). These sentences realistically reflect the main character’s thought pattern.

Metaphors and personifications

The family’s resentment for the father is expressed in the...

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