The analysis of the short story “Bone Deep” by Martin Malone shows that the story follows a linear, chronological plot structure. There is a flashback which reveals a traumatic event in the family’s past.

The main character in the story is Ian, who is also the narrator of the events. The story focuses on his relationship with the rest of the family, as well as on the relationship between the other family members, who are in conflict with each other. 

The physical setting is the family’s house. The time setting is on a Sunday evening. The story takes place in Ireland during contemporary times. The social setting touches upon gender issues, working-class life, and the family.

The story is told from the point of view of a first-person narrator. Despite his youth, Ian provides an insightful perspective on the events. 

The language is casual and conversational, using common words and phrases. It serves to reflect the narrator’s worldview. There are also examples of imagery.

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Short story analysis

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