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Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been staged in widely different versions and adapted into numerous films. Every time, actors and directors have presented their take on Shakespeare’s tragedy about crime and consequence. Over the centuries, the play has been adapted to the tastes of the day. Some modern staged versions have been rather experimental, for instance one using only black actors and set in Haiti. Film adaptations vary just as much, and some of the more sensational modern ones include a comedy-thriller set in a fast-food restaurant, a Bollywood adaptation, and a mafia-inspired one set in the Australian underworld.

In any case, you should pay attention to how the director has decided to portray controversial elements like the role of women or the supernatural. For instance, some have chosen to show the floating dagger and Banquo’s ghost to the audience while others have left it out (the latter underlines Macbeth’s paranoia). Furthermore, some adaptations stay loyal to the original lines of the ...

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