Rhetorical situation


Andrea Levy (1956-2019) is the author of the article “This is my England”. She was an English writer born of Jamaican parents. 

Levy’s parents both emigrated to England from Jamaica, her father on the Windrush ship in 1948 (l. 19), and her mother six months later. Upon arriving in England, Levy’s parents were faced with racism and discrimination. Levy herself encountered racism and prejudice growing up, even though she was born in England and had received an English education. She mentions that she was always forced to question her identity, unlike her white classmates, who did not have to “grow up to question whether they were English or not” (ll. 69-70)

Levy describes herself as “English. Born and bred” (l. 181) and that being English is her “birthright” (l. 185). Her feelings for England could be described as mixed. She enjoys aspects of English culture, but she is also aware of the racism and discrimination that still take place in England, since she herself has been a target. While ...

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