Forms of appeal

Ethos and pathos are the dominant forms of appeal in Andrea Levys article "This is my England".


Levy uses various strategies to build ethos in her article. First of all, she emphasises her personal experience with the topic of racism in England, because she herself has been a victim of it. As an English citizen born of Jamaican parents, Levy has been told often that she does not “look English” (l. 8) or “to go back where I came from” (l. 164).

Levy also builds ethos when she talks about her family. Her father was a “British citizen” (l. 28), who came to England on the ship Windrush. The arrival of the Windrush was considered a historical moment and the start of British multiculturalism.  Levy also mentions her mother’s grandfather, who was Scottish and had gone to Jamaica “like a reverse-image of my dad’s story” (l. 134). This points to the fact that Levy’s family had British roots even before moving to England. She also mentions other members of her family to prove that the i...

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