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The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga is to a large extent a study of modern India, perhaps with a particular emphasis on the darker aspects of the country. Though the main character does become a successful social climber, he manages it only because of a dark deed, and he describes the majority of Indians as people who are trapped in a poor and submissive state because of a mixture of fear and a culture of blind obedience. 

Though some have criticised Adiga's portrayal of modern India as overly negative, it is true that it is a nation with significant social divisions. Thus, even though India is a country with a swiftly growing economy, the wealth remains unevenly distributed and many live in extreme poverty. In this way, Adiga's novel may to some extent be viewed as social commentary on this situation. However, the story also presents some criticism of the ruthlessness and unchecked ambition that ...

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