Akunna's boyfriend

Akunna’s boyfriend is a main character in the short story “The Thing Around Your Neck” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. He is a white man in his late twenties (p. 119, l. 32), with green eyes (p. 121, l. 1) and blond hair (p. 125, l. 11). 

He appears to be upper class and rich. He has a wealthy grandfather (p. 124, l. 12). However, when mentioning his grandfather’s wealth, he is quick to downplay it: “he said his grandfather in Boston had been wealthy but hastily added that the old man had given a lot away and so the trust fund he had wasn’t huge” (p. 124, ll. 12-14). This suggests he feels somehow ashamed of his privileged life. His parents own a summer cottage in the Quebec countryside (p. 127, ll. 14-16). He is still “senior at the state university” (p. 121, l. 4) because he took a couple of years off to “discover himself and travel, mostly to Africa and Asia” (p. 121, ll. 9-10). This implies he has the money to afford such ...

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