Physical setting

The story “The Thing Around Your Neck” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie takes place in America, first in Maine, then in Connecticut. At the beginning, Akunna leaves her home in Lagos, Nigeria, to travel to America, and at the end, she flies back to Lagos.

In Lagos, Akunna lives with her father, mother, and three siblings in a single room, with unpainted walls and not enough chairs to go round for all their relatives (p. 115, ll. 6-9). In Connecticut, she lives in a “tiny room with the stained carpet” (p. 117, ll. 22-23). Akunna has lived all her life in cramped spaces, so she feels very impressed by the size of the summer cottage: “you wondered why it was called a cottage because the buildings that big around your neighborhood back home were banks and churches” (p. 126, ll. 17-20). Therefore, her...

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