Outer characterization

The main character in “Safe Enough” by Lee Child is Wolfe. 

He is “a city boy” (p. 47, l. 1) who is used to living in a town: “He was oblivious to the chlorine taste of city water, and to him the roar of traffic was the same thing as absolute tranquil silence.” (p. 47, ll. 6-8). He works in construction as an electrician. However, by the end of the story, his social and economic status changes, as he opens his own business (p. 54, ll. 35-37) and ends up living in a house in the suburbs. 

Inner characterization

Wolfe’s inner characterization shows him to be a simple man, who enjoys his work but lacks a higher education. Mary comes to see him as a “boring” (p. 54, l. 41) man because of this. 

His actions of snooping around Mary’s house and following her without her knowledge (p. 49, ll. 39-41) point to an obsessive pe...

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