Mary Lovell

Outer characterization

Mary Lovell is a character in the short story “Safe Enough” by Lee Child. She is mostly seen from Wolfe’s perspective. 

Mary is an attractive, wealthy woman, at least from Wolfe’s point of view: 

She looked like a spirit of the countryside. A goddess of the forest. She was tall, she was straight, she had untamed straw-blond hair, she wore no makeup. She had what magazines called bone structure. She had blue eyes and pale, delicate hands. (p. 49, ll. 14-18)

She is unhappily married to a wealthy man and lives in the suburbs, which suggests she is quite educated and belongs to the middle class. She owns 30 acres of land, of which she sells nine for development.

Inner characterization

Some of Mary’s inner characterization is constructed throu...

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