Themes and message

The value of objects

One of the themes of the short story “Red Christmas” by Paula Morris is the value of objects. The value of an object depends on someone’s perspective, and it can change over time even for the same person. For instance, the items thrown away by the owners were once considered useful. In time, they either become damaged or their owners decide they no longer need them. After they are thrown in the garbage, other people will pick them up and find a use for them elsewhere. Even broken items can be repaired and re-used, and pieces of things can be used to make something valuable. Ideally, nothing gets wasted and everything has its use. The value of an item changes after it changes owners, or after it becomes a part of something new. 

An interesting idea is that the value of an object may change even though it is not broken or damaged in any way. The bud vase which is not even chipped is such an object that has been thrown away while in perfect condition. Ani even thinks that the owners might change their minds and want the vase back. It is possible that the vase was thrown away not because of its material value, but because of its personal value. The owner may associat...

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