Characterization of Ani

Ani McGregor is the main character in the short story “Red Christmas” by Paula Morris. Ani is a Maori girl who lives together with her mother and two brothers. She appears to be the oldest sibling, because she can drive a van (even though she does not have a driver’s license) and takes care of her brothers. Uncle Suli entrusts Ani with the money to buy food for herself and her siblings. She is also the one who takes Henry to the Emergency Clinic after his injury. This shows that she is practical and resourceful

Ani also keeps her brothers in line when they act out. For instance, when Henry slams into Tama for fun, she scolds them: “ ‘Don’t muck about.’ Ani pushed them both past stopped cars towards an empty patch.’ ” This suggests that she is already behaving like a responsible adult. She takes on the role of mother for her...

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