Style of writing

The language in the short story “Red Christmas” by Paula Morris is conversational and descriptive at times. The houses and gardens which the children pass by are described in detail. This highlights their importance for the children who must decide whether the garbage they put out is worth checking out.

There are several positive words used to describe the things people throw out, such as “useful”, “perfect”, and “inviting.” They are not the usual words one might associate with garbage. These positive words highlight the different value people place on things. Some people may throw away items that are useful for others. It also highlights the class differences present in the story, as some people can afford to throw away undamaged objects, while others need to sort through garbage to find what they need. 

The story uses stream of consciousness as we follow Ani’s thoughts about the ongoing events, as well as her memories of past events. This method gives us insight into Ani’s thought process. This helps the readers gain a better understanding of her, as well as the situation she and her sibling...

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