Roderigo is Iago’s friend in William Shakespeare’s play Othello. He was one of Desdemona’s suitors, but Desdemona refused him and Brabantio told him to never bother his daughter again: 

I have charged thee not to haunt about my doors. 

In honest plainness thou hast heard me say

My daughter is not for thee. (1.1. 108)

When Roderigo discovers that Desdemona eloped with Othello of all people, he becomes angry and distressed. He would do anything to win Desdemona back and get revenge on Othello, which makes him the perfect tool for Iago.

Roderigo is motivated by jealousy, just like Iago and Othello. Roderigo cannot understand why Desdemona would prefer Othello over him. He is also selfish as he does not pause to think how Iago’s plots against Othello will affect Desdemona, ...

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