Michael Cassio

Michael Cassio is an important character in William Shakespeare’s play Othello. He is Othello’s lieutenant and friend. According to Iago, he seems to be more academically inclined than skilled in battle (1.1. 24-25). Cassio is from Florence (1.1. 21). He is also skilled at mathematics (1.1.20), which might mean that he possesses tactical thinking, and that this might be the reason why Othello promotes him over Iago.

Cassio is loyal to Othello and serious about obeying his orders. When Othello asks him to watch over the guards as they are celebrating and makes sure no one does anything dishonorable, Cassio is at first eager to obey. He cares about his high rank and it is important for him to be in Othello’s favor. Therefore, when Othello takes away Cassio’s ra...

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