Themes and message


The theme of violence is explored by Peter Goldsworthy in the short story “One of My Best Friends”. 

First, the theme of violence surfaces when the narrator talks about his experiences as a child. He differentiates between the bullies and the victims (p. 78, l. 24) and expresses the idea that violence helps children establish a higher position in the school hierarchy (pp. 78-79, ll. 36-37, ll. 1-2). The narrator is also a victim of violence and uses the same aggression on others.

Secondly, the narrator talks about the activities that he and Willy enjoyed. They were both taught how to box and how to play football, which suggests that boys are expected to engage in physical and even violent activities. The violent sports that the boys practiced in their childhood also affect their activities and personalities when they are adults. 

Finally, the short story explores...

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