The short story “One of My Best Friends” by Peter Goldsworthy is structured in the form of several episodes which present the narrator’s background and his connection to Willy. The story also has a chronological structure, following the narrator from childhood to adulthood. 

The beginning of the story introduces Willy, one of the main characters. His description catches readers’ attention and also hints at the narrator’s racism: “He had a good strong set of teeth, too - as abos were supposed to have in the days when they were treated like horses. Unreliable horses.” (p. 78, ll. 6-8). A foreshadowing element suggests that the narrator’s opinion of Willy has changed across the years: “When I first met him, though, he was white. Or no colour – like the rest of us. As kids, we couldn’t care less.” (p. 78, ll...

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