Physical setting

The short story “One of My Best Friends” by Peter Goldsworthy presents events that take place in Australia. The story’s focus is on the small, rural town where the narrator first meets Willy, which is also where they reunite in their adulthood. A description of the town shows that, for the narrator, “life was still much as my parents had lived it - the same rounds of work, pub, and church. And footy on Saturdays, of course” (p. 80, ll. 30-32). It is implied that the town is less progressive and more reluctant to change, as shown by the league’s reaction to the discrimination law passed in the city. The city is, therefore, contrasted with the small town.

When the narrator and Willy are children, they spend time at the Police Boys Club (p. 79, l. 34), where they box and play football. The club becomes a symbol of connection for Wil...

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