Account: Current problems for McDonald's

In your speech, you are asked to analyze McDonald’s current problems. Based on the seven sources you are to use as documentation, we will give you a few points related to the reasons why McDonald’s encountered difficulties.

Lack of attention to customers’ priorities

As you have seen, almost all of the seven sources discuss the fact that the company’s decrease in sales is due to the lack of attention to customers’ priorities.


New fast food chains

Source 4 (“Fallen Arches: Can McDonald's get its mojo back?”) presents the rise of new fast-food chains that seem to be “stealing share from McDonald’s”.


Lack of a modernization

Modernization is a key-element in the development of any business nowadays. Although not openly admitting the previous lack of modernization, the representatives of McDonald’s have chosen to modernize everything that is related to the company in order to recover from the devastating drop in sales from 2014.


Lack of high-end customers

Source 4 (“Fallen Arches: Can McDonald's get its mojo back?”) presents the fact that McDonald’s has almost never grabbed the attention of high-end customers. A high-end client is always in search of “value” and “quality”, not “quantity”.


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