Comment: Turnaround strategy of McDonald's

Your task also requires you to discuss whether the turnaround strategy of McDonald’s will solve the company’s problems. In what follows, we will outline some of the steps of this strategy as presented in the seven sources.


As you know, rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a company adopts a new name or a new design in order to attract customers. Although the name, the logo and the slogan of the company have not changed, McDonald’s has still made an important step when it comes to rebranding: the addition of a new slogan, “Choose lovin’”.


A modern menu

“Create Your Taste” is the new menu implemented by McDonald’s in California and Illinois. The menu is to be implemented all across America soon. According to Source 2 (“McDonald's hopes to improve sales with fresher menu”), “the menu allows customers to choose their own toppings, bun and type of cheese”.


New cooking and storing methods

As Source 2 (“McDonald's hopes to improve sales with fresher menu”) announces, one part of McDonald’s strategy is to implement new cooking and storing methods. As the inventory is used so quickly, the company “might not even need to use preservatives”.


Local menus

As Source 7 (“McDonald's Is Making 4 Changes To Get You To Eat There Again”) states, McDonald’s wishes to make the menus more local:

“… in many cases, franchisees will have the power to decide which items and promotions they offer in restaurants. Offering a more tailored menu could help bring in new customers who appreciate that McDonald's is catering to their tastes.” (ll. 15-18)


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