Robin Cook’s Chicken Tikka Masala speech explores the relationship between British identity and multiculturalism in the UK, the speaker’s message being that multiculturalism is part of national identity and a competitive advantage for the UK: “It is an immense asset that contributes to the cultural and economic vitality of our nation.” (p. 40, ll. 15-17); “And we should recognise that its diversity is part of the reason why Britain is a great place to live.” (p. 42, ll. 7-8)

The speaker’s overall intention is to convince those who feel British identity is threatened by immigration that they have no real reason for concern: “I want to argue the case why we can be confident about the strength and the future of British identity.” (p. 39, ll. 2-4); “Indeed, I want to go further and argue that in each of the areas where the pessimists identify a threat, we should instead see developments that will strengthen and renew British identity.” (p. 39, ll. 17-20)

Once he makes his overall intentions ...

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