On this page, you can find a short presentation of the analysis of “Bujak and the Strong Force” by Martin Amis.

The text follows a traditional plot structure with typical plot elements, but it is also very philosophical and can be interpreted as an allegorical text about nuclear anxiety and human nature. The most important characters in the text are Bujak and Sam.

The main events take place in the '80s in London and New York. The social setting focuses on negative aspects of society like violence, the nuclear race, loss of hope and morality, World War II traumas, discrimination, the impact of scientific knowledge on the individual, and aspects related to family life.

The narrator addresses readers directly (breaking the fourth wall) and uses self-irony to build a connection with them. The novella is filled with language devices like similes, metaphors, repetitions, rhetorical questions, and symbols. These language devices are used to convey deeper meanings through the use of vivid and creative language.

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