Narrator and point of view

“Bujak and the Strong Force” by Martin Amis is a first-person narration, told from the perspective of a male character named Sam.

As a narrator, Sam recounts events that have already happened and, as such, already knows the conclusion of his story: “And then, to good Bujak, thoughtful, grinning Bujak, the worst thing happened. A personal holocaust. In the days that followed I saw and felt all of Bujak’s violence.” (p. 1, ll. 27-29)

The narrator is reliable because he recounts something that he witnessed: “This is the only story I’ll ever tell, and this story is true...” (p. 1, l. 40)

However, his knowledge is limited. He does not know what other characters think unless they tell them. This is why it takes him five years to find out why Bujak did ...

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