The novel Brick Lane by Monica Ali follows a largely chronological structure, though several flashbacks also interrupt the narrative. The novel follows a linear chronology, starting with Nazneen's arrival in London after her arranged marriage to Chanu and continuing through the years of her life in England. The linear structure allows readers to witness the characters' growth and development over time and experience the changes and challenges they face.

The novel switches back and forth between Nazneen’s story and letters from her sister Hasina. At times, the letters are interwoven into the narrative and readers only discover the contents of the letters as Nazneen reads or remembers them: 

The last letter she got from Hasina had been nearly six months ago. It was short and it was written in a scrawl, not her usual neat hand. 

My sister I have your letter. It mean so much to me know you are well and husband also. (p. 36)

Other times, however, the letters interrupt the main narrative and the novel alternates between two perspectives: Nazneen's point of view and Hasina's letters. This dual perspective adds depth to the narrative, giving readers insight into the experiences of both sisters and their different journeys. H...

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