In this part of the study guide, we will analyze “Why we need to slow down our lives” by Pico Iyer.

First, will give you an overview of the communication situation in Pico Iyer’s essay. We will present the sender, the receiver, and the context.

Secondly, we will present the type of argumentation used in “Why we need to slow down our lives”. The text is predominantly constructed using hidden argumentation, but there are also a few instances of direct argumentation.

Thirdly, we will identify and discuss the rhetorical devices used by the writer, including analogy and antithesis. Rhetorical devices are language techniques used to makes arguments more appealing and capture the reader’s attention.

Also, we will focus on the forms of appeal used in the text. The essay is mostly constructed using logos (appeal to reason) and ethos (appeal to authority). However, pathos (appeal to emotions) is also used occasionally.

Moreover, part of your exam assignment asks you to focus on Pico Iyer’s style of writing in the essay. In our analysis, we will discuss the writer's style of writing considering the choice of words, sentence structure, and tone.

Read our full analysis in what follows!