Outer characterisation

Denise's outer characterisation tells us that she is a “young woman” (p. 67, l. 30). She has a boyfriend named Neil (p. 68, l. 31), and she is on her way back home from a woman’s meeting (p. 68, ll. 36-37). The story also suggests that she used to live in Nottingham (p. 69, ll. 18-19).

Berto characterises her as a beautiful girl: “A typical English girl, with a fresh, pretty open face.” (p. 67, ll. 32-33). In contrast, her appearance suggests arrogance to the killer, who sees her as a “snotty girl” (p. 69, l. 27).

Inner characterisation

In terms of her inner characterisation, Denise is depicted as an anxious woman, who does not want to come in contact with anyone on the carriage: “Anything to avoid looking at someone else.” (p. 68, l. 12); “Don’t look at anyone. Don’t talk to anyone.” (p. 68, l. 17)

Like the other two characters, Denise has a specific view on masculinity, as revealed by her opinion on men. Her boyfriend Neil is unsympathetic of her concerns, and s...

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