The short story “The Red Line” by Charles Higson follows three characters who ride the London Underground.

We first meet an unnamed man who shaves his body hair regularly. On Fridays, he goes to a karaoke night at a pub, where he proudly imitates Bob Seger. The unnamed man finds out that karaoke night is cancelled and is disappointed when he learns that other pubs do not have Bob Seger songs. He becomes withdrawn and decides to do something about it.

Berto is an Italian man who comes to London to be with an English woman named Cathy. However, he discovers that Cathy is in a relationship and becomes confused. He is then lost on the Underground but is shy about asking other people for directions because he does not speak English well. In the meantime, Berto thinks about Cathy and London. He is afraid that other people will laugh at him if he asks...

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