“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson tells the story of a village which organises an annual lottery, a tradition which is apparently upheld in other places as well. It is summer, and all the villagers gather to draw tickets in the village square. While waiting for the lottery to begin, the children gather stones. Meanwhile, the men joke and the women of the village gossip.

The lottery is organised and conducted by Mr. Summers, who runs the coal business. Mr Summers arrives in the square carrying a black wooden box. He is helped by Mr Graves, the postmaster. Mr Graves puts a stool in the centre of the square, and Mrs Summers places the box on top of it. When Mr. Summers asks for some help, there is some hesitation before Mr Martin and his son, Baxter come forward to hold the box while Mrs Summers stirs the papers inside it. The box is o...

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