“The Guilt” by Rayda Jacobs tells the story of Lilian Thurgood, an elderly white woman living in South Africa. While picking guavas, Lilian hears her dogs growling and sees a black South-African man at the gate. The man says his name is William and shows Lilian a letter, which states that he is collecting money for some organization. Although Lilian knows the letter is fake, she goes to the house to get some money for him. She recalls other times when black South Africans have knocked on her door in search of a job, money, or food. Lilian often gave in and helped them, as she was overcome by the guilt of being white and privileged.

Lilian feels ashamed to give William loose change, so she returns with a five-rand coin. The man refuses to accept the money and offers to work for it, even though Lilian insists the coin is a donation. In the end, Lilian agrees to let him work in the garden and clear the leaves. When Lilian tries to a...

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